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Games of the Week

Welcome to 2014!

Just to recap the crazyness of last year.

Rutgers and maryland are in the "Big Ten".
And NO, the Big Ten is NOT going to change the name of their conference.

Old Dominion is 1A, playing in confernce USA and gave up 80 points to North Carolina in their last game of 2013.

Wrap up of week 2:

Oregon beat Michigan State, in a rather BIG matchup for the 2nd week of the season. I thought Oregon would completely blow their doors off. 
But that didn't happen. Mark Helfrich has changed the oregon offense a little, they look a lot more conventional than they used to.
Gone are the days of the designed QB run with a quick snap from the previously play. Also when Marcus Mariota did run, he looked 
a lot slower to me, than in previous years.

So while Oregon won 46 to 27, the game was a lot closer than that score indicates. The Spartans were leading by 2 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd Qtr.
Oregon Scored 21 more points in the last 17 minutes to make it a 19 point margin.

Michigan State is the best team in the Big Ten. The Rose Bowl champions took the loss, but we're not out classed. Unlike their neighbors, the Wolverines.

Michigan, one of the most storied programs in the country, got completely blown out on saturday night. 

Notre Dame beat them 31 to ZERO.

Michigan had not been shutout of a game since Oct. 20, 1984, when Iowa beat them 26 - 0.

The oddest stat from this game, is that Notre Dame only had 54 rushing yards.

Brady Hoke will be fired by the end of the year, right ?

Devin Gardner, the michigan QB, once again looked more like a WR than a QB. He had 4 turn overs in the second half.

Michigan lost its 11th straight road game to a ranked team, the last win came in South Bend in 2006.

Apparently this was the last Michigan v Notre Dame match up for a while, as Notre Dame has decided to alter it's scheduling in the future.

But there are other schools in the big Ten and I count 5 BIG losses:

	Michigan lost by 31 to Notre Dame
	Michigan State lost by 19 to Oregon
	Purdue lost by 21 at home to Central Michigan
	Ohio State lost at home by 14 to Virginia Tech
	Northwestern lost at home by 8 to Northern Illinois

Wins, but results were NOT impressive:
	Nebraska won, but only beat McNeese St by 7 at home
	Iowa won, but only beat ball state by 4 at home
	Illinois won by 8 at home against Western Kentucky Univ

In the Pac-12, we have colorado to take up the challenge of the unimpressive win. The buffaloes beat Umass, by 3.
Credit colorado for at least winning the game, unlike Washington State.

The cougars LOST to nevada. I don't get it, Connor Halliday was 38 for 57 for 389 yards, but the 2 interceptions hurt.

Not to be outdone, UA unimpressively beat the UTSA roadrunners by 3 on thursday night.

UCLA has also failed to impress this year, despite their top 10 ranking. The bruins were home against the Memphis tigers.
Yet only won by 7. The Bruin defense gave up 469 yards to memphis. The bruins were the better team and won the game.
But if they were a legit top 10 team, then this would've been a 17 or 21 point win.

The biggest Pac game of the day, was USC vs Stanford. This game did not disappoint. It was a good back and forth game
with drama all the way to the 2nd to last play. 

With 28 seconds left and a timeout, Stanford was on the USC 29, 3rd and 6, 
Kevin Hogan the Stanford QB, a 5th year senior, had no clue as to the pressure which was coming
and got blind sided by USC's J.R. Tavai, fumbling the ball away and with it, Stanford's chances at kicking a game tying FG.

USC wins by 3 on the road, and the rest of the PAC south are once again looking up to USC.
Ok, sure UCLA fan, the bruins have won the last 2 meetings. But right now, I'm giving the edge to the trojans.

Oh, and Stanford coach David Shaw, went all Steve Spurrier on his head set on after that fumble play.
Throwing it to the ground in utter frustration.
Stanford had a lot of opportunities and perhaps should've won the game. The officiating in this game was terrible by the way.
and I completely disagreed wit the ejection of USC #10. 

15 yard penalty sure. 

Ejection ? no. totally bogus. And I don't like the rule one bit.

Michigan State #6 against Oregon had 2 late hits, the first one not called, the second one was, but no ejection there.
I guess it only happens with uber conservative Pac officials.

The Kirk Ferentz Award Goes To: Clemson C'mon Dabo, You're up 58 to zero in the 4th quarter and you're throwing the ball still ? Clemson beat South carolina State 73 to 7, in one of the most one sided games ever. But it still doesn't make me think the tiger should be in the top 25.